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Many destinations very welcome to greet whoever across the world. If you are the one who love traveling, do not miss all these charming places where will fulfill your magnificent holiday. Our websites with more than hundreds of the most famous tourist attractions will provide you the information of any paradises on earth no matter where you want to visit or just drop in. Have no idea how or when to get start? We have all information for any gadabouts to guide you in traveling including accommodations, transportation, diet, and so forth. We provide you with the best accommodations ranged from the most luxury hotels to cheap hotels. Feel bored about humdrum traveling? Various kinds of holiday trip packages are waiting for you to choose like one-day trip to a famous city, interesting and exciting activity, etc. We present interesting content with updated travel guide around the planet.

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Barcelona, Spain, A King Prawn Skewer Served with Rice and Potato Foam

Firstly, soak a bamboo skewer with cold water for 1 hour to prevent it from burring. Then thread a king prawn to the skewer and grill it briefly. To make potato foam; you have to cut a fresh potato into pieces before boil it for 10 minutes. Mix the drained potato with cream and boiling water and then refrigerate it for few hours. After placing potato foam, a grilled prawn and cooked rice on the dish, your pleasant meal time is starting. Try this plate once; your second time will not be last for long.


Barcelona, Spain

Want to visit a beautiful old-aged city; Barcelona is one of your best choices. This city is Spain’s second largest and situated on the coast of Iberian Peninsula. It was first established over 1,000 years ago and then colonized by Roman Empire before became one of Spain sine 19th century. Barcelona attracts tourists from over the world with the great combination of old and new architectures, fabulous destinations, enjoyable entertainments and worldwide restaurants. You will find countless accommodations from five-star hotels until cheap guesthouses offering more than best service to all customers. Travel to Barcelona, your wonderful holiday is here!


Barcelona, Spain, La Rambla

La Rambla is a popular landmark which both local and foreign tourists regard it as the most romantic part of Barcelona. This walking street never fails to allure its guests as it offers countless charming shops selling fresh daily products until delicate handicrafts, street artists showing nice performances and red light district providing legal prostitutes. Travellers can take a rest at the city’s square to see free concerts among shady palm trees. There are a lot of excellent pubs and restaurants for visitors to have a pleasing evening all around. Drop by La Rambla; your fabulous travel experience is here.


Barcelona, Spain, Barrio Gotico

Want to learn about Barcelona’s old-aged proud history; visit Barrio Gotico. This medieval centre is located at the heat of the city and offers numerous ravishing Roman remains, traditional stores and majestic bars and restaurants. Inside, travellers can stop at manifold attractions such as The Cathedral, a gothic religious site built in 1298 to admire the city’s best view and City History Museum and Roman Walls to adore how glorious of Barcelona since Roman occupied. Travel to Barrio Gotica; the old city area will give you more than living history through ancient architectures.